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Benjamin Garcia | Tumblr

Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Secrets

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.
— Lance Armstrong

Tamara Feijoo, Fields, Shorelines and Hunters

Flora Borsi, Photoshop in real life

Gunshot by Lykke Li

And the shot goes through my head and back 
Gun shot, I can’t take it back 
My heart cracked, really loved you bad
Gun shot, I’ll never get you back, never get you back

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Herabot on Instagram

Stills from the Runaway video by Kanye West

Chandelier (2010) by Rebecca Louise Law |

Elena Morelli, { into the forest // darkness and light and bokeh }

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to be quiet (presso Lido di Lugano)