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I don’t know what it says about me that I have a greater affinity with the damaged. Probably nothing good.
— Tracy Letts, August: Osage County

Wilma Hurskainen

It’s such a beautiful feeling when you go back to a place and feel like it’s been your home all along… (presso Robertson Blvd.)

Paintings by Alessio Radice

Old, dilapidated buildings are usually an unsightly scene. In this case, however, miniature broken down houses are appreciated for being wonderful works of art. The series itself is based on photographs of abandoned structures neglected by man and destroyed by the weather. The photographs were taken by an amateur photographer from North Dakota, Ofra Lapid. They were then used to create small scale models. 

My sculptures are all constructed with recycled materials — old CDs, computer hard drives etc, so I classify my work as “sustainable art”. They’re a lot of fun to make, but they take an extremely long time to finish, so I don’t do a lot of them.

Animal Sculptures Made Of Shattered CDs by Sean Avery.

Coffee stop in London. Nice try to spell my name right… (presso Heathrow Airport)
Anonymous asked : What's ur instagram?

Very easy, it’s showslow

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Nebulous by Tina Yan

Anne Ten Donkelaar: Broken butterflies repaired with new wings and bodies. (2011)

  • "Blauwe spinner". The body of this butterfly is made of thread
  • "De draadspanner". A construction of a butterfly wing with thread and pins 
  • "Medusozoa". The antennas form the parachute and the body forms a propeller 
  • "Zwart vlek vlinder". With two upper embroidered wings 
  • "Goudraffeltje". The broken butterfly wings are fixed with gold leaf

Eduardo Sarabia

Amanda Wachob