Slow Show
NONE of the artworks shared on this blog belong to me. Credits which lead to the original source are always given and shouldn't be removed.

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Christiane Vleugels, Studio

Pencil Illustrations by Laura Eddy

Hallie Elizabeth | Tumblr | Facebook

Andrea Castro

Read “History,” a short story from our 2014 Fiction Issue by Thomas Gebremedhin, with art from Chad Wys.

Hair Portraits (Pencil) by Brittany Schall

Benjamin Garcia | Tumblr

Tamara Feijoo, Fields, Shorelines and Hunters

Herabot on Instagram

Chandelier (2010) by Rebecca Louise Law |

Folding Concrete and Melting Walls © Daniel Arsham

Some pretty spectacular looking installation work by Mint Design and Nobuhiro Shimura entitled Fall in Pop (2012).