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Chandelier (2010) by Rebecca Louise Law |

Folding Concrete and Melting Walls © Daniel Arsham

Some pretty spectacular looking installation work by Mint Design and Nobuhiro Shimura entitled Fall in Pop (2012).


Svein Moxvold, There are a lot of good people around (2011)

Nicolas Feldmeyer, Woven Portico (2012) – photo by Nick Rochowski. Courtesy Saatchi Gallery (via)

Site-specific installation in which the artist has woven mesh between the columns of the portico of the central building at the university of college (UCL) in London.

Various floral installations by London based artist Rebecca Louise Law |

Masakazu Shirane and Saya MiyazakiWink Space. (2013 Kobe Biennale)

Various installations in Italy, England, Japan and Germany by Esther Stocker |

Takehito Koganezawa, Unfocused World

In his series ‘Master Plan’, designer Chad Wright is conflating a child’s sandcastle with architecture typifying postwar American suburbia. Chad grew up in a sprawling suburb of Southern California, he lived in a tract house (symbol of the American Dream) just like his neighbors. When he was young, him and his brother would build cities in the sand. Chad chose this artifacts from his childhood, combining them to create ‘Master Plan’. It is phase one of what will be a three-part series. He focuses on the mass-produced tract house, re-examining it as symbol for the model American Dream that seems to come to nothing, just like his installation |

Joana Vasconcelos |

The Jellies who inspired the creation of the project Underwater Aquarium by Sayuri Sasaki Hermann. The project consists in recreating artificial aquariums in uncommon places such as airports. | Meet the Jellies