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Aerial Photos of Iceland Volcanic Rivers by Andre Ermolaev

Iceland is a wonderful country; I would even say that it is a true paradise for all the photo shooting-lovers. But what has become a real discovery for me is the bird’s eye view of the rivers flowing along the black volcanic sand.  It is an inexpressible combination of colors, lines, and patterns. The photo represents the mouth of the river falling into the ocean.

A little bit upstream there is a yellow-colored brook flowing into the river, but yellow currents fail to mix with the main water flow.  One can estimate the scale judging by the car tracks that are clearly seen on the black sand. This is just a river, just a volcano, just our planet.

- Andre Ermolaev (via)



Land Art by Martin Hill and Philippa Jones

Tyler Murphy

Lands End by Evan Thompson
Thousands of people can stand at the same point. Shoot the exact same picture. No one will get the same outcome.

The Kingdom is a visually stunning series by world-renowned graphic designer, photographer, and producer Seb Janiak. The images focus on massive accumulations of clouds in the sky, visually portraying the power of nature as it swirls overhead. The French artist created “digital matte painting,” a technique in which several images are layered together to produce one hyperrealistic photograph.

Paris by Sergi Cristobal
Murray Mitchell

Mediterranean sea in Soverato, Calabria | Italy by Maches76
Wilma Hurskainen
Sardinia, this summer
“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”