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Yigit Uygur

Aëla Labbé 

Andrew B. Myers

Ana Cuba

© Ryan McGinley's Ad Campaign for Edun (2012) | Video

Six species of African butterflies flutter about the tattooed torso of Bradley Soileau and the candy floss-colored hair of Charlotte Free in artist Ryan McGinley’s dynamic video portraits for Edun’s Spring 2012 campaign. Set to the soulful gospel of “If I Had A Little Love” by the Majestic Arrows, McGinley’s playful scenes of butterflies decorating the fingers, shoulders and cheekbones of a luminous cast of young models are punctuated with key pieces from the collection. (x)

Modern Love Editorial  MUA/Hair: Kristina Marie Feyerherm Styling: Colin Boettcher Assistant: Emiley Smith Model: Stasia with Ford © Cassie Scott

Gifs by Jaime Martinez

Petros Chrisostomou
John William Keedy

Kindra Nikole 

  • Silence in the Moon Garden
  • Somnolence in the Dew Garden
  • Resonance in the Crimson Garden

Austin Tott,Tiny Tattoos

Emmanuel Pierrot  © Agence VU’